Here’s a quick post to just share a cool, but simple, portable Lego device stand that I found on the Instructables website.

After putting together my Lego device lab , I’ve sometimes found the need to have a stand for a device thats more portable.

After searching a little bit I found that there are loads of different solutions, but I thought I’d stick with the Lego theme as they are sometimes the cheaper solution (and look cool as well 🙂 )

So here’s a list of parts for my modified version (The original was slightly wider and better for tablets) of the stand here on the Instructables website by BrickSmith (thanks for sharing in the first place!).  While making this I also found a great place to by the individual Lego bricks were I got all the parts from called bricklink. (you’ll have to register and pick a seller as there are a few, I filtered seller by location in ‘more options’ e.g. UK).  Cost of each brick is cheap (2/3p) but postage will be majority of cost, so if you can get them posted by the same seller then you can save more.

  • 2 x Beam 7 (32524)
  • 2 x Beam 11 (32525)
  • 2x Beam 15 (32278)
  • 8x Technic Pin with Lengthwise Friction Ridges and Center Slots (2780)
  • 6 x Axle to Pin connector with Friction (43093)
  • 4 x Axel connectors (6538c)
  • 2 x Pin with Ball (6628)
  • 2 x Black Beam 2 x 4 Bent 90 Degrees, 2 and 4 holes (32140)
  • 2 x Axel 2 (3704)
  • 1 x Axel 4 (3705)

Note: the size of the last two Axel’s can be doubled to make a stand for a tablet to make the stand wider (i.e. 2 x Axel 6 & 1 x Axel 8).

Another quick tip to finish it off is to put a bit of sellotape on either side of the Lego were the device sits to stop it slipping out/tilting when adding and removing the phone.

I hope people find this useful and it gives dev’s a cheap way of adding a new portable stand to their desks.