Recently I released another app that I’ve been meaning to create for a while.

App dev toolbox is a collection of tools that I have used over the years to help with Android app development which I have merged into one app from other open source projects (Huge thanks to those projects for creating such useful tools!)

I have also tweaked some of the project to meet my needs and added a few other simple features like the deep link tester.  Here are the projects that the app includes;

As I tend to regularly get new devices and always create new Android emulators for development, I decided that it would be really useful to have one app that I could install on a device that had all the tools I needed to make development easier.

This app is currently the first iteration of that idea and I hope to improve it over time by adding and removing tools that I find useful.

I have also made the app open source so people can contribute if needed and report any issues that they find.  You can find the code here –

I have also published it on the Play Store so people can download and update it more easily here –

I hope this is useful to other Android dev’s & feel free to get in touch if there are any other great development tools people can recommend that I could add to this app.