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This is the second part of sharing a few of resources I’ve collected over time, see the first part here on Android Studio plugins.

Here I’ve pulled together a list of Apps I’ve found that can be useful to Android App developers.  I also found another article a while back providing a similar list of apps with a few cool different ones here.

Some I come back to more often than others but hopefully people will find a few of them useful! (again I’ve started a GitHub repo to store the list and any future additions if you prefer to add access it from there)

GitHub ~>


Device Stats (device dimensions + security info)

Dev drawer (Dev app list widget)

Mat Log (log cat app)

Beacon Tools (register/test with Google)

Kinetic (generate java code from motion)

Libraries for developers (open source libs + examples)

AIDE (IDE app for developing on mobile/tablet)

Port droid (Network tools)


Keyline pushing (screen layout grid overlay) 

Material cue (screen layout grid overlay)

Gridwichterle (screen layout grid overlay)

Screen joining 

Real Colorado (palette app)

Pixel ruler (on screen measurement)

Pixolor  (floating colour picker overlay)

Material Design colour palette 

Play Store App Listing

Google Play Developer Console App

Play Services info (version info)

Screener (device image framer)

Telecine (screen record)


Let me know if you have any of your own dev apps that are your fav’s, or just add a pull request to the repo and I’ll add them in.