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Over time as an Android developer I’ve collected a list of a lot of resources as I’m sure all dev’s have.  But I just thought I’d put a couple of posts together with a few of the cool ones that I’ve found along the way in case others find them useful.

The idea of sharing these tools was re-enforced after I did a talk on Android studio for my local mobile meetup group SWMobile.  I realised that I’d been collecting a lot of info that I found really useful but just hadn’t got around to sharing it.  I’ve also noticed that its quite a nice idea to add these lists to a Github project so people can keep a track of them there so I’ve also included a link to one below.  So here are a few Android Studio plugins to start, which I can add to over time (or feel free to add a pull request to add your favourites! 🙂 )

GitHub (few more links than below) ~>

Code Gen

Parcelable Class Generator

ButterKnife Zelezny (Butter knife code gen)

GSON format (convert GSON into model objects)

OTTO plugin (class/method links in side bar)

Permissions Dispatcher (M Permissions code generator)

Auto Value Generator

Selector Chapek (auto gen of drawable selectors)


Android Icons

Material Icons

Android drawable resources

Svg converter to vectordrawable 


Shortcut reminder

ADB Idea (ABD Shortcuts)

Android WiFi ADB (auto adb debug setup) 

Proguard snippets 


I’ll publish another post next week with some links to useful developer tools apps that I’ve collected, so keep an eye out for that.

Let me know if you have any indispensable plugins or tools that make your day to day dev life that little bit nicer too!