Here I’ll keep a list of the most popular Android development tools I use for people to view and compare (any new suggestions welcome!)

Core tools

1) Android Studio > Long awaited superb IDE for all your Android dev needs
2) Genymotion emulator > Fast emulator and what the native one should be
3) SQLSpy (Windows)> Cool freeware tool for looking at sqlite dbs when the need arises

Chrome plugins (for ref material and api lookups)

1) Android SDK Search > Great shortcut to android sdk & its api
2) Android SDK Samples > Direct search for samples as you browse SDK docs
3) Octotree > Great for looking through GitHub projects by adding a tree view

Android Studio Plugins

1) Parcelable > Saves time every time you want to make a class parcelable
2) Material Icons > Get material icons resource directly in studio
3) Live Templates > Not really a plugin but great feature of AS that can be a time saver (Link to example templates)

Web tools / resources

1) JSON Viewer/Editor > Simple JSON editor & formatter
2) JSON to POJO > Simple online resource to convert JSON to ‘plain old java objects’
3) Gradle Please > Get way of resolving gradle (Android build tool) dependances
4) Android Arsenal > All the goodness that is open source libraries


1) Android Asset Studio > Great first stop for quick icons, images and 9-patch drawables
2) Android design cheetsheet > good reference for Android design
3) ColorHexA > Handy Colour Matching/Picking Website
4) Place it > Ready made app promotion images


1) Sony Remote Device Lab – Virtual device lab, useful if you don’t have many real test devices
2) Samsung Test Lab – Same as above but for Samsung devices