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Appy Developer Tools

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This is the second part of sharing a few of resources I’ve collected over time, see the first part here on Android Studio plugins.

Here I’ve pulled together a list of Apps I’ve found that can be useful to Android App developers.  I also found another article a while back providing a similar list of apps with a few cool different ones here.

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Plugin & Play

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Over time as an Android developer I’ve collected a list of a lot of resources as I’m sure all dev’s have.  But I just thought I’d put a couple of posts together with a few of the cool ones that I’ve found along the way in case others find them useful.

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First ‘Open Sauce’ Library


Being surrounded by Open Source libraries when developing Android apps (in my mind I always hear ‘Open Sauce’ – once read never forgotten, ha.), I’ve always been trying to create a semi useful library and also learn more about the process behind getting your code up to a central repo so other dev’s can benefit from it.  When working on another library contribution, I came up with some code that I thought would be a good candidate.

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Lego Device Lab


As most Android developers will know, working on the platform sometimes requires testing your app on a stupid amount of different devices. This usually leads to a scene similar to this on your desk.

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Taking a bite of the Apple (iPhone)


I decided last year that I needed to find out for myself what all the fuss was about owning an iPhone and take a bite of the Apple myself!

There has always been a rivalry between iPhone and Android developers/users and I’ve experienced my fair share of debates arguing which is the better platform, so being an Android developer & daily user, I thought the only way to find out myself was to buy an iPhone and experiencing the OS first hand.

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Head in the Google Cloud Test Lab


The Google Cloud Test Lab first came to my attention in Google I/O 2015 and was one of announcements that was ‘coming soon’ at the time.  It wasn’t until about a month ago that I received an email after signing up on the Google Test Lab website telling me that it was available to try out.

The Cloud Test Lab is made up of two features at the moment;

  • Cloud Test Lab can run instrumentation tests that you write using Espresso or Robotium
  • Use the Cloud Test Lab Robo test to simulate user actions and find crashes in your app

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Creating a basic Material App Icon


Creating UI and graphics for app’s has always been a weakness for me, and I’m guessing most developers suffer the same problem.  As I’m always keen to learn new techniques, I recently created a material type icon for myself and though it would be great to share for other developers reference (and my own). 

I followed the technique used in this YouTube video, but there were a few times I had to rewind it to find out exactly what they were doing, which was another reason for writing it down.

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Feb App’itite

I vaguely promised in a previous blog post, I would try and update the apps I use on a daily basis and any new ones that have caught my eye.  Here are a few which I thought were useful and some that have replaced previous apps.

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Android Studio Shortcut Ninja


After hearing last minute about the Android Dev Summit last year, I was interested to see what topics they would cover and there was some great content.   As all of the talks were recorded I had a few on my list that I wanted to watch after the event but there was one I missed until I listened to one of the fragmented podcast episodes.  They highly recommended a talk called ‘Android Studio For Experts‘, which the podcast host Donn Felker said was an essential watch as they packed so many dev tips into the episode.

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Poor man’s VR


I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about Virtual Reality (VR) for a while, and in particular what I call the ‘poor man’s VR’.  My interest in it started when Google announced the Google Cardboard take on VR at Google I/O 2014.  After seeing it I was really curious to see how good it actually was. (compared to things like the Oculus rift).  Obviously it wouldn’t be comparable to custom PC driven VR but I just wondered what type of experience you’d get with a phone.

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