I vaguely promised in a previous blog post, I would try and update the apps I use on a daily basis and any new ones that have caught my eye.  Here are a few which I thought were useful and some that have replaced previous apps.

textexpand_result Texpand – Came across this one by chance but provides a nice way of inputting frequently used text across all apps on the phone i.e. email, mobile number, address etc. No internet permission either which re-assures you that your data is safe as the app obviously monitors your text inputs to scan for keywords.
img_0172.jpeg Flynn – An app for loading links in a bubble overlay which really is a shameless Link Bubble copy. Saying that the main reason I changed over was that Link Bubble was crashing quite a bit and I’m not sure if that was because of being on the latest Android OS (Marshmallow) or not. The other feature that seemed to be missing that was there before was the feature to open bubbles in chrome. This feature is in Flynn and it does crash a lot less for me. It also has nice extra features of plan text webpage by default & a place to save your links for reading later. The only drawbacks are, no quick share shortcuts (but does have share button) and restore option not as good. Other than that I’m happy with the switch over.
 gifme_result Gif me! – After starting to do a bit more blogging and developing my own apps I’ve found a need to enter the world of animated gifs! So this app was a good find for screen shots.
layout_result Layout – This is a really nice and simple way of adding multiple pictures to make a collage if you want to share. Most others I’ve found have too many options but this just gets the job done in a simple and clean way.
 photoaffix_result Photo Affix – Another photo combination one that can be good for chaining screen shots and has nice UI by the same guy who did the great Cabinet Material file explorer.
 xcerpt_result Xcerpt – In a similar vein to Layout above, this allows you to share text instead of images by creating an excerpt of an article or image (very similar to the iOS app oneshot). Great for social sharing your reads.
 pixolor_result Pixolor – Great dev/design tool for finding out the colour of any part of the screen on your mobile
 truecaller_result True Caller – this is not my usual sort of app addition but I’ve found it really useful recently. As many people do, I’ve been receiving a few spam/cold calls which are annoying, so this is a great way to filter ignore and even auto block/hang up on repeat attempts!

Hope you’ve found some new useful apps here and if there are any ones you like let me know.